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  Unit 7, 89 Erindale Road, Balcatta, Perth, Western Australia, 6021

Wreck Diving Specialty Course

Diving Frontiers Wreck Diver Specialty Course is one of the best valued courses in Perth.

Whether it’s your first or your hundredth dive, few moments in diving compare with descending on a wreck, it’s sense of mystery and adventure. The Wreck Diving Course is divided into knowledge development and open water training dives.

Knowledge development topics include : Wreck diving law, hazards to avoid, how to research and map wrecks and basic wreck penetration whilst using lines and reels to aid exploration.

Open water and practical sessions include : equipment considerations, correct use of penetration lines, wreck assessment, anti silting techniques and blackout simulation exercises.


Advanced Open Water Certification
Recent diving experience other than Open Water and Advanced Training Dives.
It is usually recommended divers have completed at least 10 dives other than training dives.


$395.00 – deposit of $200.00 and balance at the commencement of the course


- Wreck Diver e-learning kit
- Instruction by an experienced Wreck Specialty Instructor
- 2 Ocean Dives
- 2 Boat Dives (excludes Boat Charter fees)
- 1 Theory/Practical session
- SSI Wreck Diver Certification

Excludes: Boat Charter Fees on final two dives


Course can be conducted during one of our dive trips:

Key Biscayne Wreck
Hmas Swan Wreck


DAY ONE Weekday evening 6.30pm – 9.00pm Theory and Practical Sessions

DAY TWO Training Dives One and Two

DAY THREE Training Dives Three and Four


Theory conducted at the Dive Shop.
First Two Ocean dives normally done from shore and dependent on Ocean conditions.

Last two dives can be done through by several different options :
Shore Dives – no charge
Key Biscayne Oil Rig – additional $250.00
HMAS Swan Wreck – additional $200.00

Ocean Dives dependent on weather conditions. Course can also be done with dive trips see options above.
(Refund of course deposits given at the discretion of Diving Frontiers).

Please call the shop on 9240 6662 for information regarding course dates