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  Unit 7, 89 Erindale Road, Balcatta, Perth, Western Australia, 6021

SSI Scuba Diver Certification

Learn to Dive – SSI Scuba Diver Certification

Learn to Dive in Perth with one of the best and most respected scuba diving schools in W.A.

The SSI Scuba Diver course takes you to a new dimension in underwater adventure.

Our experienced Dive Instructors will guide you through the Scuba Diver knowledge and skill development training, while making sure you are having a safe and enjoyable time. After all, learning to dive is supposed to be FUN!

By the end of your training you will receive your Internationally recognised  SSI Scuba Diver certification which will enable you to enjoy diving in the marine environment safely to 12 metres, with a certified Professional Guide.

You can also upgrade your certification to Full Open water with only two additional days of training. Ask the store staff, or your Instructor for details.

Hi Doddie, Just got back from a diving trip with my partner in Gilli Islands and just wanted to thank you for the skills you taught me. It’s amazing how much more comfortable and skilful I was in the water compared to those who got their licence in Bali and even some in Australia. Clearly there weren’t taught properly!
Anyway thanks again.
My girlfriend and I are planning to do the Advanced course with you soon.

Cheers Chris
03/ 08 /2015

Why select Diving Frontiers as your Scuba Diver Certification Training educators.

  1. We have an exceptional training safety record, which few Dive Schools in Perth can boast. Diving Frontiers has been training Scuba Divers since 1993 and our courses have been recognized as being the best value around. We offer a competitively priced course, whilst ensuring that training is done to the SSI standards and also to specific Australian Standards. You will receive only the highest quality diver training available today.
  2. Our Dive Instructors must meet the highest safety standards. They are selected due to their patience and understanding with trainee divers and ensure students learn all the required skills to dive competently following the Scuba Diver course.
  3. We are the complete dive store, offering scuba equipment servicing for all makes and models, including scuba tank testing, all done in our in house service area. Our extensive range of diving equipment only consists of quality brands and our experienced shop staff are always available to offer unbiased, constructive advice on equipment purchases. We have a full range of dive courses, including Deep and Technical Diving. Nitrox fills and cheap gear hire are available and we also have an active club, Narc dive club.
  4. Fantastic specials and offers for newly certified divers, such as a 10% discount on most purchases and other bonuses and offers. If you’ve seen it on the NET cheaper, then speak to us before you buy, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!  We can supply quality gear, with good advice and without the worry of dealing with unscrupulous overseas companies.


Compare what’s included in our course and you’ll see why we are the fastest growing dive training organization in WA.

  • STANDARD COURSE – Cost $449.00
  • 2 Shore Ocean Dives
  • Use of all Scuba diving equipment, including wetsuits
  • Internationally recognized course through SSI.
  • Experienced SSI Instructors and Divemasters.
  • Online e-learning training pack
  • 3 Pool Sessions.
  • All air fills.
  • Certification process done online, to enable immediate certification approval.
  • Quality training through an SSI Instructor Training Centre.

Online learning – SSI e-Learning

We use the latest online theory tools, so you can study at home and reduce classroom time. Various languages are also available. We will forward you the e-learning signup procedure, once your booking confirmed.


After the course, many of our graduates want to get straight back in the water.

Join the “Kickstart Dive Program” every second Saturday, which includes a certified and insured Divemaster or Instructor supervision.

Important information regarding mask, snorkel, fins and boots:

Due to the importance of having a mask that fits correctly for scuba diving we recommend students invest in a good quality, correct fitting mask to use on the course. We have special packages in store at heavily discounted prices and can price match with anything found on the Web.

Dive boots are required by Diving Frontiers for two reasons, firstly Perth water, even in summer is too cold for bare feet over extended periods, secondly you will be walking in car parks, on wooden structures, across rocks and on hot sand – it is not safe to do this in bare feet.

Lastly your fins need to be open heel (strapped behind your heel), to be able to accommodate your dive boots.

The fins also need to be quality dive fins, capable of pushing you and the equipment you are wearing through the water in a timely manner with the least effort on your part. The fin should also be fitted professionally.

In the afternoon on Day 1 of the course you will be given plenty of time to try on gear and staff will be available to give you advice and fit your equipment. Otherwise you can pop into the store in the days leading up to your course and discuss options with one of our friendly staff.

Diving Frontiers has a large range of quality dive masks, snorkels, boots and fins from budget to high end and our experienced staff will fit your equipment prior to you purchasing it, we will not exchange equipment purchased elsewhere. Cheap mask, snorkel, fin packs intended for snorkelling are not suitable for your course. You cannot participate in your course if your gear is not suitable for diving in WA conditions, we will not compromise on this, as your safety and comfort on the course is our primary concern.


1. Under certain circumstances participants will be required to complete a “Full Diving Medical” with a Diving Doctor, if they answer "YES" to any of the questions contained in the Medical Statement document. Asthma, diabetes, epilepsy and other illnesses may prevent you from diving.  Please click on the link below to visit the SPUMS website, which contains a list of Doctors in WA, who can perform Diving Medicals if required.

Click here to go to the Spums Website

2. Watermanship
Each student must demonstrate that they can either swim 200m or snorkel 300m, with mask, snorkel and fins only, (no time limits) and tread water or float for 10 minutes. (These exercises are completed on day one of the course, during the pool sessions.)

Course Formats

STANDARD – Learn to Dive, SSI Course 

  • Saturday and Sunday course – 9.00am – 5.00 pm

Learn to Dive for FREE (Limited Time only):

Receive Your Dive Course for FREE: Buy one of our selected total diving system packages in store prior to the course and receive your Scuba Diver course for "FREE". This is for a very limited time and only applies to specific total diving system packages, that are displayed in store. Humm and Zip Money interest free payment options are also available (spread your payments over 12 months).