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  Unit 7, 89 Erindale Road, Balcatta, Perth, Western Australia, 6021

Sidemount Stage Bungees (Pair)


The Sidemount Stage Bungees are a pair of rubber bands for securing the tank in a sidemount configuration. They are fixed to the neck of the battery valve, and through a snap hook, to the d-ring on the chest of the harness. They are essential for making sure that the tank adheres well to the body of the technical diver.
The key features of the Sidemount Stage Bungees are:


• Independent elastic bands
• N °2 52cm elastic bands to be fixed to the backrest or to the shoulder straps
• Snap hooks fixed to the free ends of the elastic bands
• To be stretched around the neck of the cylinder with the snap hook fixed to a d-ring on the chest of the harness
• Can be used with any taps; no matching taps required (right/left)
• Simple and easy to use