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Rob Allen Slippy Wetsuit Lube

Slippy Dry Wetsuit Lube is a powder concentrate for making a slippery viscous wetsuit lubricant. The 150g unit will make 16 liters of very slippery wetsuit lubricant. Slippy is for putting on and taking off of open-cell and smooth skin wetsuits.

It can be prepared in under a minute making the donning on of your wetsuit as pleasant an experience as possible.

Slippy does not interact with your skin’s natural state.  It will not oil nor dry your skin.

Wetsuit lubricant prepared with Slippy  is 99.1% water of your choosing. Slippy is biodegradable and contains no micro plastics.

This powder concentrate is a blend of pharma-grade PEG of Western European origin.

Quality stuff!!  Slippy is non-toxic and safe to have around the house.

Slippy is repeatable and you can also custom mix to meet your lubing needs.