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Oceanic Huntsman Titanium


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The Oceanic Huntsman Titanium Knife has the most effective dive locking mechanism ever made, and with the comfort neoprene sheath is the top choice of luxury dive knives ever released by Oceanic. What's even better about this knife is that it will not rust....ever! Thanks to its durable Titanium design, this blade ensures many years of long service life whilst minimising your wash up time at the end of the day. This solid Titanium blade runs the full length of the knife and through the full handle giving the knife maximum strength when used for digging or prying work. The blade is secured in place via the stainless steel block on the end of the end of the knife which can also be used for pounding work or even communicating to get your buddies attention by tapping it on your scuba tank.


The Oceanic Huntsman Titanium Knife features a fully serrated top edge for sawing and cutting through heavy ropes as well as a built in line cutter for use on monofilament or cave lines in emergency situations. One of the best features of this impressive knife is the sheath itself, which sits in a comfortable neoprene pouch that is fully adjustable and designed for easy donning and doffing. The straps that hold the sheath in place are manufactured from elastic to provide maximum comfort when worn as well as automatic compensation for depth for both wetsuits and drysuit applications so it won't come loose when your diving.


Finally, if you think the Oceanic Huntsman Knife looks impressive, then just wait till you get it in your hand. This knife sits extremely comfortably and well balanced in the hand regardless of whether your wearing thick gloves or no gloves. The ergonomic, sure grip, rubber handle ensures that the knife doesn't slip when cutting or working, giving you maximum confidence to get the task required - done. This knife also includes a convenient mounting hole in the rubber grip handle for attachment of an optional lanyard if so desired and an attractive gift box when purchased.