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  Unit 7, 89 Erindale Road, Balcatta, Perth, Western Australia, 6021

Cressi Gara Modular Carbon Blade MD (Single)

Single Interchangeable Long Carbon Blade with Medium Hardness for Gara Modular Carbon MD Fins.

This fin with interchangeable carbon blade is very lightweight and extremely effective. Ideally suited for advanced free diving and underwater fishing at considerable depths. The blade in directional carbon has a tapered profile to ensure a special  degree of reactivity and the efficacy that only composite fibres can attain. Medium hardness makes this fin suitable for all diving activities, including deep diving.

The original blade is made of high-modulus propylene (2500 Mpa). It has lifelong warranty and highly elastic return. It incorporates two little antiskid spoilers on the final area. The decreasing thickness section (from 4mm to 2mm) causes the highly progressive tonnage eliminating the skid tendency, because the first half of the set is more rigid and the final half is more flexible.