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Mares Seal Skin (6mm) Man

Mares Seal Skin 6mm Mens Scuba Diving Wetsuit is a superbly designed and manufactured scuba diving wetsuit designed for cold water diving and comes with a hood! Sure, all wetsuits are for cold water, but this Mares Seal Skin is designed for seriously cold water. As the name suggest, they've prioritised features to optimise sealing against cold-water flushing. 

Wetties works by holding a very small volume of water within the suit which is then heated by the body. If water is free to move around the suit this warm water is pushed out by changes in pressure (created by movement) which can then create a vacuum, sucking cold water in through the seam or because of poor fit. 

You'll note the wide seams on this suit, they're actually a thermally bonded elastic tape that acts as a water-barrier over the seam. Certain wetsuit stitches can create pin-holes in the suit, thus negating all seal, but Mares have remedied this issue by taping the crucial seams.

Includes a hood!


Mares Seal Skin 6mm Mens Scuba Diving Wetsuit Features

  • 6mm Medium Density Neoprene - incredibly warm and resilient to depth-related compression (wetsuits are full of bubbles, these bubbles compress with depth - the deeper your go, the thinner it will become).
  • Tape Sealed Seams - inhibits the passage of cold-water into the suit through the seams, the most crucial element in a semi-dry wetsuit.
  • Back Zip - easy to get on and off.
  • Ankle Zips
  • Supratex Kneepads
  • Adjustable Neck Closure
  • Wrist Instrument Grips - stops computer slippage.
  • Hood Clip - tuck your hood away safely when on the boat.