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  Unit 7, 89 Erindale Road, Balcatta, Perth, Western Australia, 6021

Cressi Dog Life Jacket (DLJ)

The Cressi Dog Life Jacket is the ideal support for a relaxing and safe experience in the water.

The Life Jacket is the ideal aid for your dog at the seaside or at the lake, on the beach, in a boat, in the pool, on a surfboard or SUP, kayaking or canoeing, to keep him safe or facilitate his play activities.

It is a garment specially designed to keep the dog on the surface, if it is not an expert swimmer, or to facilitate its swimming, especially when it spends so much time in the liquid element; it is a necessary piece of equipment for rescue dogs in water and is also very useful for rehabilitation.

The cut of the Dog Life Jacket has been designed specifically to keep the dog in the correct swimming position and to facilitate movement, both when he is submerged and on the surface.

The Life Jacket is therefore ergonomic, comfortable and easy to wear: made with the best materials and through highly reliable production processes, it has a practical ring for the leash and a comfortable handle (three in sizes L and XL) to facilitate the recovery of the dog when you are on the boat.

Inserts and ?nishes are re?ective and increase the visibility of the dog in the water even in di?cult conditions.