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More about Scuba Diving

Just why do people scuba dive, anyway?
Every venture underwater is a new and exciting opportunity for exploration and discovery. The world underwater is full of beauty, wonder and excitement. Every dive gives us a glimpse of a unique and fascinating world which is very different from our own. If you have ever wondered what outer space was like, try being an Aquanaut first! Scuba diving can be lots of fun, relaxing and a great opportunity to make new friends. Learning to scuba dive can become the beginning of a lifelong adventure. It will literally change your life!

Where is the best diving?
The fact is that there is beautiful diving found in nearly every Ocean in the world, experienced divers will debate which is the “best.” Many divers argue that most of the local dive sites offer some fantastic diving and the amazing thing about the underwater world is that it is for ever changing. You can always expect to see something different every time you dive even though you may have dived it a hundred times before. There is more life per square meter underwater than anywhere else on earth.

What about equipment?
Learning to dive is learning to use equipment. While you are learning, it is just as important that you use good equipment that fits properly as it is that you have good training. The best source for advice and assistance in selecting the right equipment is your local scuba retailer. Or you may review renowned scuba magazines and online resources to learn about equipment first. Please see our online store for more information. Scuba equipment is constantly being improved and new designs and technology are becoming available on a regular basis. Your local scuba retailer will have up-to-date products and information available. If you do not already own them, you will probably want to purchase at least your own mask, snorkel and fins when you enroll in a scuba class. Our staff will assist and advise you in selecting the items that are best for you and local conditions.

The 12 most popular Misconceptions about Scuba Diving

“Diving Is Difficult To Learn”

Wrong! Diving has never been easier to learn! You can become an SSI Open Water Diver in just two short weekends. Diving is not only easy to learn, it is a lot of fun! So, come experience the adventure!

“You Breathe Pure Oxygen and You Breathe Differently”

Untrue! The air that is in Scuba tanks is just air, only cleaner! When the tanks are filled, the air goes through a series of filters and removes all impurities so you end up with pure, dry, filtered air.

“Diving Is Only A Male Activity”

Hardly! The latest statistics show that 42% of new divers certified in the last year were female! This has been a growing trend for many years and continues to climb.

“Diving Is Isolated And Inaccessible To The Average Person”

Incorrect! Anywhere you travel in the world, you can go diving. As a Certified SSI diver, you will be able to dive anywhere. Mexico, Hawaii, the South Pacific, Africa, Europe, Asia, you name it! If travel is not in your plans, that’s OK because one of the greatest world class dive destinations is just a short drive away – Exmouth! Renowned for its Whale Sharks, Exmouth is one of the most beautiful dive destinations in the world.

“There is no good local diving”

Incorrect! Rottnest Island is one of the most beautiful dive destinations in the world. People travel from around the world to dive here.

“You Must be In Above Average Physical Condition To Dive”

False! All you have to do is be able to swim 200 yards and tread water for 10 minutes. We have trained people from all age groups – from the age of 12 to their 70’s!

“Sharks Are Deadly And Everywhere”

Untrue! Sharks are extremely rare. There are hundreds of different varieties of sharks in the world and only two or three that have been known to be dangerous. Sharks as a species are very shy and unwilling to approach humans. Millions of dives done in all over the world each a year, only a few divers are lucky enough to even see a shark of any kind. Statistically speaking, there is a four times greater chance of being hit by lightning than being attacked by a shark.

“It Is Always Cold Underwater”

False! It is true that you lose body heat 20 times faster in water than in air. That is why, when we go diving, we wear exposure protection such as a wetsuit. The materials used in today’s wetsuits are better than ever and are made with the most state of the art designs. With a suit that is comfortable and fits you well, you will be amazed how warm you stay!

“You Can’t See Underwater If You Wear Glasses”

Not True! For those of us who wear glasses or contact lenses, we have two options. We can wear our contacts just like we do on land. Or, we can put prescription lenses into our mask. Lenses can be put in just about any mask made today. We can you select a mask that accommodates prescription lenses.

“Dives Are Usually Very Deep – 30 to 40 meters”

Wrong! The average recreational dive is to a depth of 12 meters. The most prolific sea life and stunning corals are usually within 15 meters of the surface. Since plants and corals need light to flourish, most dives are done in shallow water. In fact, the maximum recreational dive limit is 40 meters and it is only recommended with Advanced Training.

“It Is Dark, Murky And Difficult To See”

False! The average visibility from the shore can reach 10 meters and light penetrates way past the recreational dive limit of 40 meters. Off of boats, the visibility is even better! In warmer climates, the visibility may be as much as 50 meters or more. So there is a lot to see on every dive!

“It Is Extremely Dangerous With No Margin For Error”

Hardly! The training and equipment that exists today has made diving so safe that the accident incident rate is the same as the sport of bowling! Make sure that you get the best training possible.