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  Unit 7, 89 Erindale Road, Balcatta, Perth, Western Australia, 6021

Free Diving Level 1 – 20 metres

Are you in love with the sea? Are you interested in experiencing the enchantment of the sea using only your fin kicks and a single breath? Then let Diving Frontiers introduce you to the captivating wonder that only comes with FREEDIVING.

Immerse yourself into a personal challenge, be suspended in exhilarating action, or settle into the calm and peaceful rhythms of the ocean. Whichever experience you seek, Diving Frontiers will prepare you for the “Ultimate Freediving Experience”!


This program provides you with the training and knowledge to safely free dive with a buddy in open water environments to depths of 20 metres. You will earn the SSI Level 1 Freediving certification after completing this program


COST: $549.00



Saturday Morning – Classroom Theory. Saturday Afternoon – Pool
Sunday – 2 Ocean Dives


See calendar for dates or call the shop – usually conducted once a month.


SSI Free Diver Level 1 Online Theory Component

Experienced Free Diving Instructor Supervision

SSI Free Diving Level 1 Certification

Use of wetsuit, if required


Mask, Snorkel, Fins & weight belt.
Pool Entry Fee of $30.

We have a great range of Freediving mask, snorkel & fin packages at specially discounted rates for students.


Refund of course deposits given at the discretion of Diving Frontiers. We reserve the right to charge a $100.00 deferment or cancellation fee for alteration of booking dates done within 7 days preceding a course.