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  Unit 7, 89 Erindale Road, Balcatta, Perth, Western Australia, 6021

Enriched Air Nitrox Course

Enriched Air Nitrox sometimes called NITROX is Recreational Diving’s latest tool to extend no decompression time, and has significant benefits especially in the 15 – 30 METRE range. However you don’t get something for nothing . You’ll learn Enriched Air extends dive time by replacing some of the Nitrogen in air with Oxygen, therefore less nitrogen is absorb by the body during a dive of equivalent time. The higher Oxygen brings with it new concerns that you don’t have using air within recreational dive limits.

The training covers the equipment procedural concerns, planning requirements for enriched air use, Oxygen toxicity, and enriched air and formulae use.

For extra information about using Enriched Air Nitrox see information below course details.


Open Water Diver Certification



NOTE: Our shop has an Enriched Air Membrane. These machines cost in excess of $20K but enable to us pump enriched air into standard tanks, without the need for O2 cleaning of the tank, or the regulator you will be using. We also have storage banks with 32% enriched air being the most popular blend for deeper diving. 


Course Includes:
Online e-learning
International Enriched Air Certification
Training by an experienced Enriched Air Instructor
Theory Session


Due to our flexible self study program we can tailor the course to your needs. Sessions conducted weekly.


Conducted weekly at the Dive Shop.

Click here if you would like to know more about this gas

Please call the shop on 9240 6662 for information regarding course dates