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Advanced Adventurer – 30m Certification

SSI Advanced Adventurer Course on the HMAS Swan Wreck, Dunsborough

The Advanced Adventurer Course introduces you to several specialized diving activities.
It allows you to become familiar with diving in different conditions and gets you into a wider variety of aquatic environments.
The Advanced Adventurer course focuses on diving adventures, with little or no class room sessions. Home study allows the course to be extremely flexible and can usually accommodate even the busiest schedule.
Five dives are made in different areas such as deep diving, night diving, etc. This Advanced Adventurer certification allows you to dive to a maximum depth of 30m.

COST: $585.00 (Perth based course is available for $499.00, please contact the shop to discuss this option) 

Includes : Deep and Wreck Dives on the HMAS Swan Wreck – Sunk especially for Scuba Divers in a depth of 30 metres

3 Boat Dives/ 2 Shore Dives
This course runs approximately once a month. See our Calendar.

NOTE: Unfortunately the HMAS Swan trips do not run during the months of May – October.

Swan Wreck – 112 METRE
Relatively easy wreck dive for beginners
Diving The HMAS Swan Wreck

The Dive Sites:

Canal rocks
This is where we start this course, it is a semi protected bay in which we do both out buoyancy and navigational dives. there are plenty of fish life to be seen here, we have seen sharks and dolphins while diving here, and heard the whale song, the actual canal is carved into the granite coastline by the Indian 
We start your day off with a buoyancy dive, getting you to adjust your weights and learning to pick up weight while using your lungs to adjust, you will try swimming on your side and back all demonstrated by your instructor, once happy you will explore part of the bay and check out the honeycomb reef which will test your ability to move up and down in the water using your lungs. Your second dive with is Navigation starts in the carpark and will teach you the basics for straight line, triangle and square formations, in pairs you both will take turns in the compass reading and fin counts. once competent on land you will gear up and transfer the skills just learnt into the ocean, once you have done the formations in the ocean, you will then do natural navigation, the instructor will take you on a sight seeing tour to a point and then ask you to return them to the start point.
Ocean, if the weather is good then your instructor may take you into the canal to check out the marine life in there, after your dives and if you have enough air left.
canal rocks

Busselton Jetty
The 1.8km long Busselton Jetty (making it the longest wooden piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere) said to be Australia’s largest artificial reef, it is home to over 300 species of marine life and has colourful coral life. Great for all levels of divers as the maximum depth is 9m deep. Tiny pigmy leatherjackets, mosaic leatherjackets, sea horses, box fish, spiny globe fish, huge schools of old wives, Australian tailor, buffalo bream, yellowtail, bullseye and trevally also make use of the pylons and the jetty for their home. Bottom dwellers include Port Jackson sharks, fiddler rays, large stingrays, cuttlefish, octopus, hermit crabs, a variety colourful nudibranchs, and beautiful cowries. Visits by seals are also not uncommon.
The Busselton Jetty's new and amazing underwater art Sculptures have been submerged since May 2023 which the local marine life have already taken sanctuary

busselton jetty underwater sculptures

The wreck has been painstakingly prepared for diving and numerous holes cut into the side of the vessel which allows for easy access into the wreck. The bottom of the wreck is at 30 meters, the bridge at 12 meters and the tower only 6 meters from the surface. Large Samson Fish are often seen with the occasional dew fish. Even a small and harmless hammer head shark has been reported circling the top decks. Often you will find a school of large batfish around the mast and a resident wobbegong shark under the rear of the ship, if you are lucky you may even get to see whales on the trip out and even on the dive.
hmas swan dive wreck

Your first dive on the HMAS Swan will be the deep dive, which will take you down to around 30m with your instructor, you will be shown the effects of water pressure ( for example either by the speed of writing backwards at different depths, a cracked egg, drinking from a bottle) you will also use the computers to check the decrease in your bottom time due to depth before ascending back to the main deck of the ship and checking out some of the top entrances and maybe even the bridge before ending your first dive.
Your second dive will start the same way of descending to the wreck, but depending on your instructors decision, you may enter the wreck and swim along one of the corridors or swim across the wreck using the many side entrances, checking out the history within the ship, you will see schools of fish, the inside of the gun turret, the down take fans, the mess hall, magazine stores and the dunnys at the rear, before again checking out the top of the ship and mast as you return to the dive boat.


$300.00 deposit required to confirm your place and for the issuing of the e-learning materials, with the balance paid at the commencement of the course.


Open Water Certification or equivalent – It is NOT necessary for students to have completed any additional dives since the Open Water Course and it is acceptable for them to start their Advanced Adventurer Course training immediately following completion of the Open Water Course.

This Course is available to Open Water Divers as Advanced training and Instructor supervision is included in the trip. Experienced divers are welcome and specialist courses such as Wreck Diver and Deep Diver courses are also available during these dives depending on numbers.

The cost to complete ALL dives for those already Advanced trained is $399.00 plus fills and gear hire.


Saturday: We conduct two training dives, Perfect Buoyancy & Navigation Dive at Canal Rocks.
Saturday Night: We depart by boat to the end of the Busselton Jetty, which now has underwater sculptures
Sunday: We depart by boat to the HMAS Swan Wreck for firstly a Deep dive to 30 meters, then a surface interval of approximately 60 mins followed by a Wreck Dive.


Instruction by an Experienced Dive Instructor.

  • Perfect Buoyancy Dive – Shore Dive Canal Rocks
  • Navigation Dive – Shore Dive Canal Rocks
  • Night Dive – Boat dive on the end of the Busselton Jetty
  • Deep Dive – Boat Dive on the HMAS Swan Wreck
  • Wreck Dive – Boat dive on the HMAS Swan Wreck
  • All Boat Charter Fees
  • E-learning Theory – done at home by participant’s and reviewed by the Instructor
  • Advanced Certification to 30 meters
  • Air fills



  • Scuba Equipment (Equipment hire is available at $100.00 for the weekend).
  • Students also need to supply a Slate, Knife, torch and SMB (with whistle). If students are using their own Scuba Diving Equipment they must have these four items, along with a dive computer, compass and two cylinders. It is mandatory that a suitable Night Diving Torch is used, and a back up torch and glow stick are also recommended.
  • NOTE Enrolled students are entitled to a 10% discount (excludes tanks) on equipment purchases at the Store.


Swan Dive Busselton and Dunsborough offer accommodation options at Port Geographe Marina, located very close to the Charter Boat departure point. If you would like to book this accommodation, please call Swan Dive as early as possible on 0439108760, or book online at This accommodation often books up quickly, so please call Swan Dive as soon as you have paid your course deposit, if you would like to make a booking.


Please advise us if you wish to share the cost of transport and/or accommodation


$300 deposit required to secure booking and obtain online e-learning materials.

See calendar for Advanced Course trip dates.

Run approximately 6 times a year however it is a popular trip and forward bookings are essential.